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Packaging materials knowledge
Many new knowledge about radiation impact plastic is found from the nuclear reactor construction. In general, radiation can cause the formation of free radicals and ions, on the other hand, radiation can also cause a split in the polymer main chain or crosslinking reaction of the unsaturated bond activation, or release hydrogen gas it charges (such as low molecules and hydrocarbons), as well as promote the oxidation reaction and the formation of peroxides (when radiation in air). Significantly alter the intrinsic properties of plastic packaging materials after radiation these. For example, polystyrene can sustain only low-energy radiation. Depending on the degree of change in the material properties and structural characteristics wherein the polymer comprises dependent. In general, organic polymers and cellulosic materials affected by radiation energy, strength and organoleptic factors and parties, than other kinds of materials, some of the more significant IMPACT. When radiation treatment of food, the maximum dose of 50kGy, the physical properties of polyethylene packaging materials changed little in the face of volatile gas odors will be generated. Change the smell of certain foods and high-grade aromatic food is an important issue, halogen-containing plastics olive radiant energy is very sensitive, will release hydrogen halide and halogen acids, cellulose after exposure to radiation, to be divided rupture, decompose and lose their tensile strength and other mechanical, from increasing its solubility and reduce the viscosity of its solution, the effects of radiation on composites and perhaps more complicated, subject to a variety of substrates and composite bonding individual characteristics of agent availability.

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