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1 Introduction

Screen printing plate technology, printing technology is one aspect of the application. Now, after a variety of signs have been added on electronics and home appliance products are widely used, especially in the surface of a variety of signs using a new decoration process, it refined and elegant form, many colorful decorative effect demonstrated in front of people, increase the value and competitiveness of commodities. Signs in the production process, play a decisive role is screen printing plate and substrate pre-treatment technology and screen printing inks and printing elements of choice.
Screen printing plate making

1, the film engraving: the plate is a manual method, relatively simple. Printable generally less sophisticated monochrome patterns and text.
(1) Vintage sprayed paint paper: the tracing paper with glue stick on a flat board, with a row of pens rubber water to 1 part (by volume), good gasoline 1 tone, evenly coated on paper after a soft dry spray varnish 3-5 times, after each spraying in an oven by 40 degrees to 50 degrees drying, spray paint film thickness to 5 to 6 mm is appropriate, the film should be bright, uniform, no bubbles , without blemish.
(2) engraving Graphics: The graphics on the paper attached to the film, with a knife, compass knife, ruler graphic engraving by gently removing the film.

Material:Metal,Aluminum,Anodized Aluminum,Brass,Stainless Steel,Polycarbonate,Polyester,Vinyl.

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