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1, first weighing apparatus, the job was a carrier, the gel appliances, drying equipment and other necessary equipment and utensils as well as dispensing operation to be (such as nameplates, badges) ready in place.
2, the balance scale (or electronic scale), the job was carrier, ovens, countertops placed well, and adjust the level.
3, with a dry, clean, flat, wide-mouth container (a) A plastic weighing good, but in proportion to that good B plastic (typically 3: 1 weight ratio).
4, a glass rod with a round (or round sticks) AB mixture will be left, right or shun, counterclockwise while stirring container (with) the best tilt angle of 45 ° and kept turning, stirring is continued for about 1-2 minutes namely can.
5, mixing good AB glue mixed with the bill charged soft plastic bottle were dispensing.
6, when the number of dispensing an area slightly larger or more drops of glue to accelerate the elimination of air bubbles in the glue, can be used to liquefied petroleum gas as fuel to the fire * Laicui fire anti-foaming, anti-foaming fire when the flames * To adjust to the complete combustion shape

State, and the flame away from the work surface is best to keep a distance of about 25cm, fire * walking speed can not be too fast or too slow, you can maintain the proper speed.
7, after the bubble completely eliminated until the job can be moved in a horizontal manner was heat curing oven, the temperature should be adjusted to about 40 ℃ bake 30 minutes and then increased to 60 ℃ --70 ℃, until the glue is completely cured

. (Detailed glue curing conditions please contact us)
8, if the effect of dispensing demanding, it is recommended as far as possible the natural levels drop too glue job was to be dry.

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