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Crossing can be.
7, pouring good signs, at room temperature 20 ℃ -30 ℃ cured 10-24 hours harden, becoming left the surface of the crystal plate.
8, in case of stickers, trademarks, etc., in itself is very thin, and the boundary is not obvious, when pouring, likely to cause Shuijingjiao spill to reach 2mm thickness will be difficult, so make Shuijingjiao grasp different situations

, Good control of viscosity in the application process can be placed 1-2 hours to increase the viscosity, adapt thin Shuijingjiao pouring.
9, making more than 2mm thick crystal glue signs, can be divided into secondary Epoxy, after the first dispensing, curing for 3-5 hours, then dropping layer.
10, Epoxy after cleaning, regardless of manual dispensing, or automated dispensing, after the completion of the machinery, equipment, containers are required to clean, because the Shuijingjiao hardened, insoluble in any solvent, and therefore must be

It does not harden before the machine, the containers are required to clean (Recommendation: Use acetone or ethanol)

Epoxy signs of Procedure

Previously we mentioned before, due to the many types of signs, sign making procedure is not the same. Today, we explain in detail the main steps Dijiao signs:

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