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Non-woven bags printing simple roughly divided into four categories:
One is the lamination, printed plastic bags with this approach is the same way, it needs to make a copper template, and then pattern printed on top of the membrane, and then the film and non-woven fabric bonded together. In this way the expression pattern rich colors and patterns can be colorful, but its production cost is high, a small number (10,000 square meters or less) is not recommended that you do so;
The second is the traditional screen printing, Dongguan, non-woven bags used in the most primitive way of printing, drying it in a web pattern and then paint (pigments generally have oil, water, plastic, water-glue combination) on network, with a scraper to scrape out a pattern. This approach is most customers choose the way, the price is cheap, good clarity, but its expression pattern is not very rich, is only suitable for single or multi-alone printing, printing at a slower pace, especially in multi-color printing greatly affected by climate.
The third is thermal transfer, non-woven bags Dongguan lamination is relatively cheaper prices, the need to adapt to the color pattern in a small portion of the bags, the colored part of the pattern as it will print the same paper printed on the film, and then the pattern on the film by the heat of the pattern laminated on the cloth.
The fourth machine is printing, non-woven bags Dongguan high-volume production needs, this can only oily pigment printing pigment, the dark colors printed on light-colored fabrics such effect would have been better, and vice versa is not clear, color not very bright, the bigger and hot bulk bags often used the way it is cheap price, fast. But not rich expression pattern, color printing is not appropriate, preferably one or two colors.

Pop out of the bag bag manufacturers analysis
Tote bag manufacturers analysis highlights the three-dimensional effect of:
1 embossing - without ink, using a team of depression, the relief printing press out in relief graphic processing method, the effect ---- vivid appearance, stereoscopic method --- --- Everyone knows!
2 Disu ---- Shuijingjiao use plastic drop form makes printing surface obtained crystal projection effects processing technology, its crystal clear. Excellent dimensional decorative effect is with water. Resistant to moisture. Protection performance durable resistance to ultraviolet light
Hand made available a small area, a large area. High-quality industrial production using a dedicated Disu machine, semi-automatic and fully automatic machine process.


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