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Bag manufacturers gutter skills when printing double-sided printing
I. operation WordXP, implementation of the "File / New" command, select the "Template" option to create a paper template.
When WordXP, the plan papers gutter, many teachers are in the papers left pulled a text box, and change the text in which direction, and then output the contents of the gutter, and finally remove the vertical line. Paper template created in this way is only suitable for single-sided printing papers, and for double-sided printing paper, this method can not be complete on both sides of the gutter properly aligned, even after manual adjustment, it seems than the force clumsy. Is there an easier way to do that is completed? In fact, we simply wonderful parity page footer, header held differences settings, you can easily complete. The following is the detailed steps to complete the process.
II. In the template file, execute the "File / Page Setup" in the "matrix" tab page, set the paper size to octavo paper, in the "Layout" tab page, the "Header and Footer" at the "difference between odd and even pages" option selected.
3. In the menu bar, the implementation of the "View / Header and Footer" command, this interface will automatically switch to edit mode header and footer.
I. operation WordXP, implementation of the "File / New" command, select the "Template" option to create a paper template.
IV. Move the mouse to the left of the page and click the "Unplug / text box" command, pull out a text box in the edit region (the text box to ensure no edge).
V. changing direction transcribed text, and then outputs the need to present content within the gutter. After the output end, and then pull out the vertical dashed line, and close the header and footer, you can complete the program in front of the gutter.
VI. Implementation of the menu bar of the "Unplug / separate symbol" command, select the "Page Break" option in the subsequent presentation of the interface, so you can even pages of the gutter held set.
VII. Strangely, according to the plan Method three - five, to complete the paper negative gutter program.
VIII. Click "File" menu item, perform a "Save" from the drop-down menu in order to save up the newly created paper template. The second page of the template removed, saved again about templates, then later call the template to the paper, WordXP will only open up a blank document.

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