electric / internal combustion rail drilling machine

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electric / internal combustion rail drilling machine

Chinacoal07 Rail Drilling Machine,Electrical Rail Drilling Machine, DZQ-32 Electrical Rail Drilling Machine

Product Introduction

It is compact structure and the lightest weight in Chinese market now. Self-locking function clamp device ,correct borehole positioning and high drilling precision. The Internal combustion rail drilling machine fit the hollow drilling bit and also twist bit (diameter≤13.5). It has auto-cooling water supply function. It’s an indispensable equipment in railway maintenance

Main Parameter

Voltage(V) 380/ 220v
Power(KW) 1.1/240R
Drilling range(φ mm) 23~32
SZIE(mm) 600×500×640
Weight(kg) 29
Useage Using a loaded card, horizontal displacement, continuous drill three holes.

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