ZDY-1250 Mining Tunnel Drilling Machine

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ZDY-1250 Mining Tunnel Drilling Machine

Chinacoal07 :mining tunnel drilling machine; hydraulic tunnel drilling rig; tunnel drilling rig

Product Introduction

ZDY hydraulic tunnel drilling rig are mainly used for drilling holes for water exploring and injection, gas exploring and discharging, geological exploring, bolting on slope and other drilling works.

Main Characteristics

1. This drill adopts hydraulic drive mechanism, has great capacity of drilling, high speed, simple operation, stable and reliable work.

2. It consists of main frame, pump station and operational panel. With the split type structure in the main frame, it is easy to disassemble and transportation.

3. It points column frame and mount two drill stand form, can choose according to level of the coal mine roadway and the use of different drilling.

4. In the rig is equipped with a high pressure water generator and selects the high pressure sealing pipe for low permeability coal seam can be slotted, so as to improve the efficiency of gas drainage and shorten the extraction time.

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