Functional red yeast rice/0.4% -5% Monacolin K/Citrinin Free

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  • Place of Origin:Jiangsu
  • FOB Price : USD $35.00 / Piece

Product name:Functional red yeast rice

Introduction:Our functional red yeast is made from high quality non-genetically modified rice in aseptic fermentation metabolic state out of a natural lovastatin (Monacolin K substances), character red powder, good light and heat stability, with lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, prevent Alzheimer\'s disease, regulating human cardiovascular health, enhance human immunity health care effect.

Active ingredients:Monacolin K

Specifications:0.4% -5%

Appearance:reddish brown to dark purple powder

Product advantages:

1. High quality non-genetically modified rice

2.100% pure natural solid-liquid fermentation

3. The high open loop proportional Monacolin K

4. No citrinin

5. No radiation


1. lower blood lipids

2. Lower Cholesterol

3. Prevention of Alzheimer\'s disease

4. prevent osteoporosis

5. Protect liver

6. Antioxidant

Application:used in medicine and health food.

Storage:Stored in a cool and dry condition, get away from direct sun.

Shelf life:2 years if stored properly.

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