Inner Mount Pipe Beveling Machine

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Inner Mount Pipe Beveling Machine chinacoal10

Pipe Beveling Machine, Beveling Machine, Inner Mount Pipe Beveling Machine

Technical parameter chinacoal10

This machine adopts the High-performance electrical motor to drive, Voltage 220V, frequency 50Hz, grant current 6A, activity 1-2.5KW,can be used for inflammable and dangerous homework place. Automatically feed mechanism,easy to operate,the cutting quantity can be adjusted and bevelling angel can be adjusted from 0degree to 45degree;can be used for bevelling the pipe wall thickness less than 75,and used as flange facing tool.

Model Capacity wall thickness Rotating rate Net Weight
ISY-250- 80-273mm ≤75mm 16 rpm 40kg
ISY-351- 150-351mm ≤75mm 14 rpm 48kg
ISY-630- 300-630mm ≤75mm 10rpm 58kg
ISY-850- 600-850mm ≤75mm 8rpm 80kg
ISY-1050- 820-1050mm ≤75mm 7rpm 108kg
ISY-1300- 1030-1300mm ≤75mm 5rpm 120kg
ISY-1500- 1270-1500mm ≤75mm 4rpm 150kg

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