Motor driven semi auto screen printing machine

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This series is suitable for circuit board, mobile phone panel, membrane switch, keyboard, lcd display panel etc precision surface printing.


1. The machine adopt IC control and induction photoelectric switch control, stable and reliable performance, imported main electrical components to make sure high precision and durable, this machine is equipped with special protection circuit for safety performance.
2. Taiwan precision HIWIN linear guide, lead to accurate and smooth motion
3. Japan, Germany etc pneumatic components, high performance and reliable quality
4. Printing adopts imported frequency control of speed brake motor, thus ensuring the stability of the printing
5. Scraper and flood bar running by movable portable induction photoelectric switch, which make more convenient adjustment and improve the work efficiency
6. Printing platform adopts imported aluminum alloy processing synthetic hardness, high flatness, surface polishing treatment, no scraping to printing material
7. Printing platform choose Taiwan RCELEC brand vacuum suction fan, high adsorption and can be up to 13 kpa. Will not cause shifting in printing process
8. Scraper and printing table distance, suitable for printing of 0-150mm thick material
9. Pneumatic scraper and flood bar, auto adjust pressure between printing and flood bar to ensure accuracy of precision printing
10. Printing head up and down the whole mechanical or pneumatic rotation, guarantee the accuracy and steady of the localization in the process of printing
11. Printing table with X, Y direction micro adjustment, ensure the printing accuracy.

Screen touch panel


Model PTA-5040 PTA-5040-A
Max printing size 500 X 400mm 500 X 400mm
Printing table size 650 X 500mm 650 X 500mm
Printing speed 900 cycle/h 600 cycle/h
Max frame size 800 X 900mm 800 X 900mm
Printing pressure 0 ~ 45kgf 0 ~ 45kgf
Scraper running Cylinder Cylinder
Scraper angle 60° ~ 90° 60° ~ 90°
Printing table running Fixed Cylinder
Printing precision 0 ÷10μm
Frame fixing Cylinder Clamp Cylinder Clamp
Printing material fixed Ring Blower Ring Blower
Air pressure 6kgf/cm2 6kgf/cm2
Weight Approx. 420kg Approx. 500kg
Power 220V X 1ph X 500W 220V X 1ph X 500W
Dimension (W X D X H) 1050 X 1000 X 1790mm 1050 X 1400 X 1790mm
Special specification can be made for customized size.

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