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*About Changzhou Fanqun PZG Harrow Dryer

Principle of work

Harrow vacuum drier uses characteristic of moisture in material that can reduce its boiling point under vacuum state.The equipment is hearted by jacket indirectly.water evaporated after heating and be discharged in time. In the inner of drier, the harrow teeth will be driven by driving shaft.There is certain rake angle between the plate of harrow teeth and shaft line in design. Material will move along with axial direction through clockwise and counterclockwise rotation of main shaft.


Widely applicability with quick drying. Because the harrow Vacuum Drier is heated by jacket and exhausted by highet vacuum,therefore it is suitable for most of materials with different properties and states.Particularly it is suitable for material that is easy to explode and oxidize.

The quality of product is good. Because of clockwise and counterclockwise rotation during the period of drying,the material is uniform after drying.

The consumed steam is less.

Easy to operate, may recover volatile gas, reduce environmental pollution.

Scope of application

PZG Harrow Dryer produced by our company is suitable for drying thermal sensitive material,easy to oxidize, harden after drying and some materials that need to recover solvent from vent. The material will become powder after drying in this drier. Particularly it is suritable for material with powder as finished product.After the dry is finished,prodrct can be packed directly and does not need to be crushed. The moisture of material to be dried by harrow drier may be as much as 90%.The material to be dried may be slurry,paste,powder,granule or fiber.The moisture of material after being dried may be 1%,even 0.5%.

*About Changzhou Fanqun

Changzhou Fanqun focused on international companies with names such as, P&G, DSM, BASF, Huntsman, Umicore, Englehard, Solvay, Evonik, Ensysta, Roche, to name a few.

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