cutters and tools vacuum coating machine

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces
Model Number: ZZ-0806
Brand Name: SUICHENG

The cutters and tools vacuum coating equipment integrated three technology of DC magnetron sputtering, middle frequency sputtering and electric arc ion evaporation, combining the linear ionize source and pulse bias coating to thin the deposition particles. The various film performance are improved, and be able to coat alloy film, compound film, multilayer composite film on the surface of metal as well as nonmetal. After years of dedicated R&D by our engineer, through unique cathode electric arc ion and unbalanced magnetron systems, we develop a package of PROPOWER series of computer automatic control system. It makes the coating film adhesion density as well as good complex consistency, and solve the problems of the complexity of the manual operation, film color inconsistencies, etc. Characteristic: 1. The principle of magnetron sputtering is based on the cathode glow discharge theory, expanding the cathode surface magnetic field close to the surface of workpiece, to increased the ionized rate of sputtering atoms. It retains the delicate of the magnetron sputtering and increased the glossiness.2.The performance of electric arc plasma evaporation source is reliable, be able to work under the current 30A when optimize the cathode and magnetic field structure coating, and the coating film and substrate interface produce atomic diffusion, plus the feature of the ion beam assisted deposition.Applied industry: The equipment is widely used in IPG clocks, IPS watches and clocks, guns IP, mobile phone shell, hardware, sanitary ware, cutters, anti-friction tools, dies and mould, etc. It can coat TiN, TiCN, CrN, TiALN, TiNbu, TiCrN, ZrN, and various kinds of diamonds film (DLC).

cutters and tools coating machine has a reasonable structure, even film, good-quality film forming

  • Model Number:ZZ-0806
  • Brand Name:SUICHENG
Cutters and tools Vacuum Coating equipment
Cutters and tools Vacuum Coating equipment

Brand Name:ZHENHUA Place of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland) Cutters and tools Vacuum Coating equipment is applied to hardware, plastic, ceramics, resin, glass and crystal, such as cutters ...

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