Electric Tube Pipe Tool/Cutting and Slopping Machine/Tube Cutter/Electric Pipe Cutting Machine/Tube Cutting Machine/pipe cutter

Delivery Time: From 7 days to 1 month
Package: wooden case
Supply Ability: 300 Set/Sets per Month
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
Model Number: ISD
Brand Name: AOTAI
Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland)

Ship Repair

Process Plants

Fabrication / High Purity

Oil & Gas

Fossil Fuel/ Power

Nuclear Power



Electric drive

Easy set-up & Robust operation

Lightweight and compact design

Minimal Axial and Radial clearance

Fast, Precision, On-site Beveling

Split Frame

Cold Cutting and Beveling

Features :


Rotating rate:5rpm-20rpm

Cutting thickness:4-30mm

Slopping bound: Dia 10-1500mm

Model: ISD-80, ISD-150, ISD-300, ISD-450, ISD-600, ISD-750, ISD-900, ISD-1050, ISD-1160, ISD-1300, ISD-1500

Technical Parameter:

The machine is suitable for cutting and beveling procession of pressure vessel and steam generator in different type and size, even for treatment of carbon steel, stainless steel and alloys. Cold cutting procession does not affect the quality of the pipe materials.

The split frame design of the equipment allows the machine to separate and mount around the O.D. of the in-line pipe or fittings for strong, stable clamping. The equipment performs precision in-line cut or simultaneous cut or bevel operations, as well as welds end preparation and counter boring on open ended pipe.

Electric Tube Pipe Tool:
Precision, On-site Beveling,Minimal Axial and Radial clearance , Robust operation.

  • Model Number:ISD
  • Brand Name:AOTAI
  • Place of Origin:Zhejiang China (Mainland)