3D Coordinate Measuring Machine DEA IOTA DIAMOND 0101 CNC / DCC printing machinery

Port: 45612
FOB Price: US $6,000

The measuring machine is as good as new.

4.Packaging, transport, insurance at cost

Inclusive installation

3.Software Quindos with the program modules
...Form and position tolerances
...Statistics Basis
...Diagram Ball
...disk monitoring

2.PC with printer after newest state of the art

Environment temp. : 20 C + 3 C

Electrical connection: 220V/50 to 60HZ

Compressed air feed circuit: Minimum air pressure 5 bar, consumption approx. 150 Nl/min

Maximum table load: 1,000 kg

Positioning uncertainty 3:+4.5?m

Positioning uncertainty 1:+4.0?m

1.DEA-IOTA: DIAMOND 0101 DCC measuring range: X = 590 mm
Y = 590 mm
Z = 440 mm
Design: Portal building method Dimensions length : 1500 mm Width: 1200 mm, Height: 2800 mm weight/KMG: approx. 3 t



3D CoordinateMeasuring Machine DEA IOTA DIAMOND 0101 CNC / DCC