Digital Inkjet printer for Rigid materials like metals, plastic, wood, etc.

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Metal printer: Inkjet printer
Color & Page: Multicolor
Usage: Metals, plastic, wood etc.
Plate: Flatbed Printer
Type: Inkjet Printer
Model Number: JF-1631
Brand Name: Mimaki
Place of Origin: Japan

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Smaller objects like ceramic tiles, CDs also can be printed by this machine. This machine has air compressor in it and the air sucks the materials to be printed to keep it stiff on the bed and to get it disturbed and it blows in reverse way so that it can help to remove materials after the printing. This machine is an ideal printer for job printing business.

With six colours inks, white ink and clear coat very vivid images can be printed upon transparent materials also. By the white ink usage in it printing can be done upon dark coloured materials also, and it has a special clear coat liquid usage in it by which prints are produced very vividly upon transparent mateials like glass, etc. This machine is an ideal industrial printer for printing even multi-cloured photo images upon glass panes, metals.

The highest resolution of 1,200 dpi and the variable dot technology (7 different dot sizes) realize near photographic image quality.
Even 4-color mode realizes a non-grainy print. With a minimum dot size of 6pl.,sharp edges of small texts and smoth skin tones can be created.

JF Series is the large format, UV-curable inkjet printer with the versatility to print on numerous uncoated substrates including corrugated plastics, acrylics and uneven or irregular materials. With a maximum resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi, JF Series is suitable for Sign and POP display graphics for both long and close viewing distances. Using the standard white ink, JF Series can print bright, vibrant color even on transparent and colored media. With the newly developed clear liquid, you can achieve a high-gloss finish while also improving color-fastness. JF Series is equipped with dual UV lamps, enabling high speed, bidirectional printing. It is a dynamic printer with functions to maximize true flatbed platform advantages. We are pleased to add the new capabilities of flatbed printers to the large format graphics field.

This printer is UV ink based and has UV lamps in it to dry the UV inks. In this machine coating is not required upon materials and the print remains permanent and are scratch, water resistant.

This is an inkjet digital printer for printing basically multi-colour photo images on rigid materials like, metals, plastic, wood, etc. This is a large format printer and has a printing width range of 5 feet and lenght of 10 feet.

This machine can be used for printing multi-colour photo printes upon metals, plastic, wood, etc.

  • Flatbed printer:Digital printer
  • Metal printer:Inkjet printer
  • Color & Page:Multicolor
  • Usage:Metals, plastic, wood etc.
  • Plate:Flatbed Printer
  • Type:Inkjet Printer
  • Model Number:JF-1631
  • Brand Name:Mimaki
  • Place of Origin:Japan