CCTV camera, Speed dome, Network surveillance equipment, Proximity Card, Fingerprint Reader based Time Attendance system

Day / Night Camera: origanal color
Model Number: Avancar -103
Brand Name: Avancar
Place of Origin: Madhya Pradesh India

Dome Camera:
Easyto install and very small this completely enclosed camera is widelyused in hotels, public areas and in retail operations that demandminimal aesthetic intrusion.

Avancar Security & Access Services is one of the few successful names to offer world-class cctv cameras,which help us to monitor anything from our confront. Whether it is afactory, shop, office or any other place, one can watch whole premiseson monitor with the help of CCTV cameras of different type. Compact insize, it offers many view angles and are the perfect low cost solutionfor discrete indoor surveillance. Available in various types like:Manual vari focal lens and Motorised Zoom lens and fixed iris lens withdimensions: 4mm/6mm/8mm , they are easy to install.

CCTV Camera
Easy to install and very small this completely enclosed camera is widely used in hotels, public areas

  • Day / Night Camera:origanal color
  • Model Number:Avancar -103
  • Brand Name:Avancar
  • Place of Origin:Madhya Pradesh India