Lotus Lime Dots Tia Sandal Tops

Payment Terms: Western Union,Paypal
dots: Amy Butler
Waterproof: Yes
Gender: Unisex
Handmade Shoes: No
Season: Summer
Material: Wood/Leather/Fabric
Brand Name: Kevito
Place of Origin: Maryland United States
Very cute and stylish.
Amy Butler lotus lacework and lime dots fabric
One pair.
A perfect match for your coordinating Amy Butler tote bags!
Always interchangeable with other tops for a new look.
One leather sandal base; many different looks!
Please go to tiastyle.com to order bases.

Lotus Lime Dots Tia Sandal Top to match the Tia's Sandal Bottoms from tiastyle.com

  • dots:Amy Butler
  • Waterproof:Yes
  • Gender:Unisex
  • Handmade Shoes:No
  • Season:Summer
  • Material:Wood/Leather/Fabric
  • Brand Name:Kevito
  • Place of Origin:Maryland United States