Yellow Corn For Human And Animal Feed

Certification: FDA
Length (cm): 2
Color: Yellow
Cultivation Type: GMO
Drying Process: AD
Style: Dried
Glutinous: Glutinous
Type: Corn

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 We can supply any quantity of Yellow corn as per customers requirements with keeping the moisture in very low percentage.

Nutrition Facts: This food slow in Saturated Fat, and very low in Cholesterol and Sodium.This food, has relatively high ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats, and contains carbohydrates,which may increase blood sugar levels.Corn is a good source of vitamin B1,vitamin B5, foliate, dietary fiber, vitamin C, phosphorous and manganese.

 We  are producers of agricultural grains in Cameroon based in central Africa. We provide both for local and international Market sand we are ready at any time to suit our customers, giving them maximum satisfaction through their demands. We also associate with International Organization for mutual benefit of each other.

Our products include Yellow corn grade 1/2/3, Barley for animal feed, Wheat for human consumption, Sugar incasum 45, Rice and Argo-products. Corn is known scientifically as Zea mays. This moniker reflect its traditional name, maize,by which it is known throughout many areas of the world.

Yellow Corn/Yellow maize is emerging as third most important crop after rice and wheat. Yellow corn has its significance as a source its using mostly for Human food and Animal Feed.We are getting into one of the leading Yellow Corn exporter from South Cameroon.

We can supply any quantity of yellow corn grade 1, 2, 3 feed for human and animal consumptions.

  • Processing:Fresh
  • Model Number:Grade #1, #2, #3
  • Brand Name:Camsweetcorn
  • Place of Origin:Cameroon
  • Weight (kg):1
  • Certification:FDA
  • Length (cm):2
  • Color:Yellow
  • Cultivation Type:GMO
  • Drying Process:AD
  • Style:Dried
  • Glutinous:Glutinous
  • Type:Corn
Yellow  corn grade 1,2,3 and white corn for human and animal consumption.
Yellow corn grade 1,2,3 and white corn for human and animal consumption.

Yellow:White Form:Starch Variety:Field Corn Processing:Dried Model Number:grade 1,2,3 Brand Name:Fresh Dried corn Place of Origin:Cameroon Color:Yellow Style:Fresh Type:Corn Yellow corn grade 1,2,3 and white corn for human and animal consumption. ...

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