Solar Eclipse Glasses, Eclipse Viewers, paper 3D Glasses

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Customized Printing: All Colors
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Brand Name: Eclipse Shades
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For eclipse enthusiasts, safe viewing is essential, using proper optical filters to protect the retina from dangerous ultraviolet light, which still reaches Earth even at totality.

The first known record of an eclipse was made in the reign of Zhong Kang, the fourth emperor of China's Xia dynasty. But even then, the brief text shows that the eclipse was clearly mind-blowing. In the fifth year of Zhong Kang, in the autumn, in the ninth month, on the first day of the month, there was an eclipse of the Sun when he ordered the Prince of Yin to lead the imperial forces to punish Hsi and Ho, says the record.  Hsi and Ho, according to legend, are two astrologers of the imperial court who were beheaded because they had failed to warn the boss that the sun would be blotted out.


To the ancient Chinese, the eclipse was a sun-eating dragon which had to be chased away with clashing cymbals and pans. The next solar eclipse takes place on July 22, 2009 when it will cross central India, northern Bangladesh and central China. This is likely to be the most-viewed eclipse in the history of humanity. The last time an eclipse tracked over such a populous eclipse was an alignment on August 11, 1999 which swept from Western Europe to India.

On July 22nd, 2009 the Dragon will eat the Sun


Eclipse Shades? - Safe Solar Eclipse Glasses. Absolutely safe for direct solar viewing of solar eclipses sun spots and other solar phenomenon for Total Solar Eclipse of 2009 July 22 China, Japan and India.

All of our solar viewing materials are Optical Density 5 or greater and are "CE" certified which meets the transmission requirements of scale 12-16 of EN 169/1992. Lenses are made of our exclusive scratch resistant Optical Density 5, "Black Polymer" material manufactured by Rainbow Symphony in the United States. Eclipse Shades filter out 100% of harmful ultra-violet, 100% of harmful infrared, and 99.999% of intense visible light. These premium filters create a sharper ORANGE colored image of the sun. The backside is printed with safety information (All Languages Available)  


Eclipse Glasses from Rainbow Symphony, Inc.

Eclipse Shades-Safe Solar Eclipse Glasses, Viewers, Filters
Absolutely Safe for Direct Solar Viewing of Solar Eclipses

  • Customized Printing:All Colors
  • Model Number:Item @#: 07110
  • Brand Name:Eclipse Shades
  • Place of Origin:California United States
Solar Eclipse Glasses
Solar Eclipse Glasses

Best Black Lens for Solar Eclipse Viewing, also for science. ...

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Solar Eclipse Glasses, Paper 3D Glasses, Fireworks Glasses
Solar Eclipse Glasses, Paper 3D Glasses, Fireworks Glasses

Customized Printing Available:All Colors Model Number:Item @#: 07320 Brand Name:Eclipse Shades Place of Origin:California United States Eclipse Glasses-Safe Solar Viewers. Absolutely safe for direct solar viewing of solar eclipses and sun spots. CE Certified. ...


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3D solar eclipse glasses
3D solar eclipse glasses

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