ELEMENT 30E F3A RC Toy Plane

Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,Paypal
Model Number: AEN507
Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)
Radio Control Style: RC Hobby
Power: Battery
Type: Plane
Style: Radio Control Toy

Wingspan:1,260 mm/50 inches
Length:1,383 mm/54.4 inches
Weight (minus battery) : 40.75 oz
Wing Area : 500 sq. in
"1Click!" Wing Assembly,
Wind Resistent Wheel Pants,
Pull/Pull Torque Rod Rudder,
2-Piece Removable Main Wings, Carbon Wing Tube,
Canard Style Landing Gears,
Magnetized Removable Top Hatch (Built-Up),
Airfoiled Rudder & Elevators, Taxiing Tail Wheel,
Curved Fuselage Bottom,
Vibrant Color Scheme and much more.
Radio : 4 Channel + Receiver
Motor 450~550 Watt Brushless
ESC : 40~50 Amp Brushless
Prop : APC 13x6.5E or 14x7E
Battery : 3S or 4S 2500mAh
UBEC : Park 6v (optional)
Servos : (4) 25~35oz. Torque Sub-Micro
Below are tested recommendations. Individual performance results may vary, use at customer's own discretion. 
Pattern/Sport Flying Setup
Servos : (4) Hitec HS-65HB Micro Servos
Motor : Hacker A30:12XL
             E-Flite Power 15BL
             AXI 2820/10
Battery : 3S 2500~3000mAh Lipo
Propeller : 14 x 7 E
UBEC: Park 6V
ESC : Hacker X40 Opto Pro (or 40~45A)
 3D Flying Setup
Servos : (3) Hitec HS-81 + (1) HS-81MG Rudder
Motor : Hacker A30:10XL
             E-Flite Power 25BL
Battery : 4S 2150~2500mAh Lipo
Propeller : 13 x 6.5 or 14 x 7 E
UBEC: Park 6V
ESC: Hacker X55 Opto Pro (or 40~50A) 

Experience the first ever "1Click!" easy wing assembly feature, which allows you to click the
main wings on or off, without worrying about small screws and tools. Very convenient
and as always, innovative!

The Element 30 F3A offers a striking resemblence in both performance and quality to
competition size F3A aircrafts. In fact, the driving force behind this design is to offer
F3A pilots a true pattern or image training airplane that can be flown daily at any park.
An airfoiled rudder and elevators also provide excellent wind resistence, while presenting
the aircraft like its bigger predecessors. The Element also features a fully built-up hatch
(not plastic) for more structural integrity. Our thorough testing has lead us to believe,
beyond a doubt, that this is the best parkflyer pattern ship available in today's market.
Most of all, the Element 30 F3A utilizes inexpensive power components that will provide
maximum performance and help you fly at your highest levels. The assembly
out of the box is very straightforward and designed to be quick for even the most meticulous builders.


ELEMENT 30E F3A  Electric power Airplane

RC Plane
1.Wingspan:1,260 mm/50 inches
2.Length:1,383 mm/54.4 inches
3.Weight (minus battery):40.75 oz

  • Model Number:AEN507
  • Place of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland)
  • Radio Control Style:RC Hobby
  • Power:Battery
  • Type:Plane
  • Style:Radio Control Toy