Scrap Tires your Black Gold

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Innovative Recycling.

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First come first serve per area (1OOkm Radius near city/location)

 If you know a scrap tyre yard near you please let us know about it. Europe, America, Australia and other African Countries also welcome.


1,000 shares for R   20,000 000; 00 --  20 million Rand - Full plant (one owner.)

   500 shares for R   10,000 000; 00 --  10 million Rand

     50 shares for R    1,000 000; 00 --    1 million Rand

       5 shares for R       100 000; 00 --   One Hundred Thousand Rand

Shares available for Investors.

If you connect us to buyers we will pay up to R50 000 per full investment (1000 shares)  or proportional commission on shares.

Secure supply of scrap tyres by the SATRP South Africa Tyre Recycling Project Company - The Government department of Environmental Affairs & Tourism and the major Tyre Manufacturers. Business plan and analyses report available upon request.


In the plant you use scrap tyres and recycle it to cru-oil. The cru-oil can be sold to Sasol or can be distillated to petrol or diesel which you can sell to anyone. The out coming side product carbon black can be used by ink or paint manufacturers or can be pressed into breggets for the fire wood market like charcoal. The plant recycles 20 Ton used tyres to 9000 liters of diesel every working day. The plant is environmentally friendly with no harmful emmitions.

Innovative Recycling undertook a massive program to bring up the right environmental friendly Plant and technology to overcome the scrap tyre problem. The Innovative Tyre Recycling plant break tyres down to a usable and in demand product by using environmental friendly cost efficient, energy efficient machinery, - we make fuel out of it. When it comes to the environment and keeping it clean, Innovative Recycling has the answer. We turn scrap tyres into black gold.

We distribute and install a plant that recycling waste tyres.

Waste Tire / Tyre to Fuel Recycling plant.

Black Gold out of waste Tyres (Tires)

  • Truck Model:Other
  • Certification:Other