We Export Chocolate And Wafer With Best Quality-We Are The Best

Delivery Time: 40 days after receipt of order
Package: as the clients order
Supply Ability: 300, Metric Ton per Week
Minimum Order Quantity: 20 Ton 100 Mt
Payment Terms: D/P,T/T
Certification: FDA, GMP, HACCP, ISO
Packaging: different types
Shape: Ball
Form: Solid
Additional Ingredient: Candy, Nut
Color: Brown, Multi-Colored
Type: Sweet Chocolate
Category: Chocolate

Ms. Nakisa izadi

Wish the best 

Choco Neilabak , such as pipe  wafer chocolate : Banana, Orange, Lemon, Strawberry, Cocoa

Export Wafer ( Wafel , Chocolate coated wafer)

Wafly (elegant Boxes ( Rose and Gillyflower)

Wafly elegant Boxes

Customizes services, the sweetest method for advertising your products in  various packing box

Mini wafly  , filled Chocolate Wafer

Christmas Gift Wafly and Chocolate

Diama , Sugar free Chocolate

Miki Ma  Chocolate

Gol-o- Morgh , Elegant Chocolate Box

Milk Chocolate

Cadeauma  , Elegant chocolate Box

Happy Farm Chocolate

Block Chocolate for industrial & Confectionary  Usage

Chocolate Coated Wafer

Types of Chocolate:

-         Usage in All Air plane and land transportation services, International Seminars, Delegations, companies, etc

-         using in industrial factory of Confectionary and  chocolate , ice creams , home services,

2- Fruit essence

1- Cacao

E) Coating Chocolates:

1- In Various tastes with fruits essence: Cocoa, Nescafe, Strawberries, oranges, Bananas, Limons, etc...

D) Shekouni: or Pipe Wafer:

3- Wafer for Export Market

2- Wafers for local market

1- Wafly (Small Wafer) in Gift Box

C) Wafer Coating with Chocolate (by using the apricot seeds in Wafer cream)

B) Non Sugar cane chocolate

We are as a First manufacturer of various types of industrial Chocolates in Iran; , having the certificate of health, Ministry of Industry, Standard Certificate. Our main production lines are as

Best Qulity Wafer, and chocolate from Iran

  • Place of Origin:Iran (Islamic Republic of)
  • Brand Name:nakisa
  • Weight (kg):700
  • Shelf Life:2 years
  • Certification:FDA, GMP, HACCP, ISO
  • Packaging:different types
  • Shape:Ball
  • Form:Solid
  • Additional Ingredient:Candy, Nut
  • Color:Brown, Multi-Colored
  • Type:Sweet Chocolate
  • Category:Chocolate