dried cherry tomato , new style dried foods

Delivery Time: below 10 days
Package: The carton is 10 kilogram weight, the size is 41*29*19 c.c.cube.centimeter
Supply Ability: 100 Ton per Month
Minimum Order Quantity: 500 Kilogram 600 800 kilogram 1 2 3 5 10 20 40 60 80 100 Tons
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union
Port: Fangcheng Harbour in Guangxi, Shengzhen ,Zhanjiang Harbour in Guangdong Province
Preservation Process: Syrup
Style: Whole
Style: Preserved, Instant, Snack
Drying Process: steaming heating
Shape: Whole
Taste: sweet and sour
Type: cherry tomato
Place of Origin: Guangxi, China (Mainland)


FOB price: From Fangchen Harbor in Guangxi Province, South of China

MOQ: 500 kilogram

Payment Conditions: TT/Western Union/ L/C

Delivery time: After Using TT or Western Union paid for us, or L/C had issued, we can provide no morally below 10 days.



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The serial number is :WMJ09-SP0023,  provide by Chinese Government, the date is 04/02,2009


Sugar : Chinese Standard is around 80, smartboy brand is 61


Water : Chinese standard is below 30%; smartboy brand  is below 15%


SO2 : Max 1000ppm  moisture :    Chinese Standard is 35; smartboy  brand is below 17;


The Smartboy brand dried cherry tomato is excellent product ,we use a serial data to describe :


The carton is 10 kilogram weight, the size is  41*29*19c.c.cube.centimeter


Smartboy brand dried cherry tomato is produced by one of the best quality manufactory. The factory  is always order fulfillment.


5.                Cherry tomato has sweet and sour taste so that it can help to the people who are with constipation, over-meat, thirst, halitosis and sore throat. It is regarded as a beauty fruit as well as a healthy fruit.

4.                The calomel element in cherry tomato juice has a positive effect on emiction.

3.                Cherry tomato can protect our body from poisoning the air of cigarette and exhaust gas, moreover, can improve the functions of skins sunscreen. Cherry tomato completely suits for the smokers or second-hand smokers to reduce the poison gas by eating it. So it is sensible to say that cherry tomato is a close friend of mens health.

2.                Cherry tomato helps to build up humans resistance, slow eventual senility and reduce wrinkles. Therefore, its often used as a non-chemical cosmetic by young girls.

1.                Cherry tomato is rich in vitamins and beta carotenes that can improve our bodies development, especially important for the childrens growth.

Cherry tomato has highly nutritional values:

Cherry tomato, also known as pearl fruit and saint fruit in China while named small golden fruit and lover fruit abroad, is a member of tomato plants family. Cherry tomatoes are both vegetable and fruit, which not only have lovely color and beautiful shape, but also taste fresh full of sweet and nutritious component. In addition to all of the nutrient components contained in tomato plants, the amount of vitamin in cherry tomato is 1.7 times as much as in the other tomato members. Cherry tomato is a superb healthy and nutritious food, especially fits for the times now when people begin to seek for a natural and healthy life.


Dried Cherry Tomato---The natural drugs of womens beauty and the warm friends of mens health


Our mainly advantage:
1. shorter delivery time, no more than 10 days;
2. better qulity dried fruits product manufacturer

  • taste:sweet and sour
  • Processing:steam heating
  • touch:soft
  • smell:fragrance
  • shape:normal,looks like cherry tomato
  • colour:red
  • Type:cherry tomato
  • Model Number:10 kilogram per carton
  • Brand Name:smartboy brand
  • Shelf Life:300 days
  • Weight (kg):10
  • Certification:HACCP; QS
  • Max. Moisture (%):<15%
  • Packaging: PP plastic bags 500 gram or 2.5 kilo...
  • Cultivation Type:Open Air
  • Preservation Process:Syrup
  • Style:Whole
  • Style:Preserved, Instant, Snack
  • Drying Process:steaming heating
  • Shape:Whole
  • Taste:sweet and sour
  • Type:cherry tomato
  • Place of Origin:Guangxi, China (Mainland)
dried cherry tomato, snack , new products
dried cherry tomato, snack , new products

QC:ISO9001 Identification:HACCP QS type:cherry tomato smell:fragrance style:whole Processing:steam heating touch:soft shape:normal ,looks like jujube taste:sweet and sour colour:red Model Number:10 gram Brand Name:smartboy brand Place of Origin:Guangxi China (Mainland) ...

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dried cherry tomato, nutrition food
dried cherry tomato, nutrition food

taste:sweet and acid colour:red Model Number:5 kilogram per carton Brand Name:smartboy brand Place of Origin:Guangxi China (Mainland) Packaging:Single Package Weight (kg):5 Shelf Life:360 Contents:cherry tomato Feature:low sugar Age:All Texture:Soft Taste:Sweet ...

Guangxi Nanning Hao Cong Zai Food Co., Ltd.

dried  purple sweet potato, a new kind of healthy food
dried purple sweet potato, a new kind of healthy food

Model Number:500g/per bag shape:column colour:purple Shelf Life:300 days Processing:steam heating Type:sweet potato Model Number:500 gram per bag Brand Name:smartboy brand Shelf Life:300 DAYS Max. Moisture (%):12% Weight (kg):0.5 Certification:HACCP QS Taste:Sweet Type:purple ...

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