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Black BT30 Tool Holder gripper BT Tool changer Clips for CNC Router Machines

BT30 Plastic Tool Holder Fork Finger Clips for CNC Machines This tool change fork is the BT30 tool holder clips. It works with ATC tool magazine for clamping BT30 toolholders. It is widely used on cnc router machines like Laguna Smart Shop 2 with liquid cooling ATC, and cnc ...

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Black ISO20 Tool Holder Forks Plastic Tool Grippers for ATC CNC Machines

ISO20 Tool Holder Clips Plastic Replace Fingers for ATC CNC Machines This plastic tool holder fork is ISO20 tool clip, it is used for ISO 20 tool holder clamping. The ISO205 tool fork is widely used with auto tool changer cnc machines, such as cnc router, cnc milling machine, ...

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White ISO30 Tool Holder Forks ATC Tool Grippers for CNC Router Machine

ISO30 ATC Tool Holder Forks HSD Tool Fork Plastic Tool Holder Finger ISO30 tool holder finger also called ISO30 tool cradle, ISO30 Tool Holder Fork, ISO30 tool grippers or ISO30 tool clips. These replacement tool holder fingers are plastic fingers for iso30 tooling, the plastic ...

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