Ningshan Guosheng Biological Technology co.,Ltd Plant extract fruit and vegetabel powder

Founded in 2016, Ningsha-Guosheng Biotechnology Co. Ltd. has developed and produced hundreds of plant extracts, including monomers, with the unique resources of high-quality natural products in the Qinling Mountains as its source of production. Provide high quality natural plant extracts and technical support for medicine, food, health products, cosmetics and food additives.
The company is a production and processing company concerned with the food industry. It is located in the Ningshan enclave economic industrial park in Hanbin District, Ankang City. The project covers an area of 3,000 square meters. The factory area meets the National GMP production standards. The company has obtained the food SC production license certification, passed the HALAL, KOSHER product certification, and ISO9001 quality management system certification. Can undertake OEM processing business for the whole country, will produce different materials, different internal capacity, content of health food and food OEM processing. The dosage forms include powder, tablets, particles, various tablets, candy, solid drinks, convenience foods, and meal powder.
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