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*About Changzhou Fanqun Flash Dryer


1.The dry strength is large and investment of equipments is saving:the treaing amount of air stream drier is the largest.The evaporated moisture capacity of equipment manufactured by we will be 50-150kg/hr.The volume of equipment is small and the investment is saving.This advantage can not be compared from other drying equipment.

2.The automatic content is high and the quality of product is good:the raw material to be dried is inside the pipe.The dry time is short(only 0.5-2seconds).So that the automatic can be realized The raw material can not contact with outer substances.So the pollution is small and quality of product is good.

3.The equipment will be supplied completely and the source can chosen freey:the air stream of irier will be supplied completey.The basic type consists of filter,heater,feeder,drying pipe,fan and cyclone separator,Customer can install duster and other auxiliary equipment in accordance with practical conditions.On the choice of heating way,air stream drier has wide suitability,Customer can choose steam,electricity and air-heated furnace to heat in accordance practical conditions.Meanwhile is should be chosen in accordance with the temperatureof raw material to be resisted(or temperatrer of hot air):if ≤150℃,choose steam to heat,if≤200℃,electric or steam and electric as supplement or heat conduct oil);if≤300℃,coal air-heated furnace;if≤600℃,oil air-heated furnace.

Principle of Work

The damp raw material through conveyer and heated fresh air enter into the drier at the same time.They are mixed fully.Because the area of heat exchange is large,the purpose of evaporation and dry and dry can be realized in a short time.The dried finished productis discharged from cyclone separator.Small parts of powder dust can be recovered and used through cyclone separator or bag duster.Model Q air stream is oprated at negative pressure.The raw material does not pass through fan.Model Q air stream is oprated at negative pressure.The raw material does not pass through fan.Model Q air stream is oprated at positive pressure.The raw material passes through fan with the effect of crushing.Model FG air steam drier is tail air circle type.Model JG air stream drier is a reinforced type.It integrates fladsh dry and air stream dry in the one baby and is also a newest style drier desinged and manufactured by us as customers requst.

Technical Consultation and Test

Air Flow drier is quick, comtinuous and momentray having larger in batch and high in heat efficiency. Even though it can be suitable for drying different raw materials, but there exists large difference among raw materials, in order to make customers choose their expected drying equpment, we will provide installation and arrangement plan and make test of raw materials free of charge.

*About Changzhou Fanqun

Changzhou Fanqun focused on international companies with names such as, P&G, DSM, BASF, Huntsman, Umicore, Englehard, Solvay, Evonik, Ensysta, Roche, to name a few.

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