Mini super bright compact emergency headlamp

  • FOB Price : USD $20.00 / Piece
  • Minimum order:5
  • Place of Origin:China

Product features:

1.CREE LED for light source, high efficiency, long lifetime and low energy consumption.

2.Hightoughed PCcasing, high light transmitting PMMA for transparent part,shock & impact resistant. Passing the free drop test from 3 meters height without malfunction.

3.Marking for explosion-proof is EX ibITCT4; it isapplicable to various Inflammable and explosive sites.

4. With high capacity memory-free Li-ion battery, low self-discharging rate, it can be recharged for 1000 cycles.

5.Precise construction design, IP66, usable in extreme weathers such as snowfall and rainfall.

6. Battery automatic detection, when the power is insufficient, it shifting from strong light to working light; convenient for emergency use.

7. Touch switch, it is convenient & simple to operate.

8. Intellectual circuit design, with protection against over-recharge, over-discharge and short circuit. Meanwhile having the low voltage protection: when the battery is low, the indicating light on lamp head will turn to red and then switch off the flashlight.

9.Smart and pretty, portable & wearable.


NO. Main parameters Unit Value
1 Power W 3
2 Working voltage V 3.7
3 Battery capacity Ah 1.8
4 Waterproof level / IP66
5 Corrosion-proof level / WF2
6 Marking for explosion-proof / Ex ibIICT4
7 Life time Battery cycles 1000
Light source h 100000
8 Working hours Weak h 12
Strong h 6.5
9 Dimensions length mm 60
Width mm 40
Height mm 30
10 Weight g 90

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