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Cartesian coordinate robot

Cartesian robot definition

Cartesian robots, also known as single-axis robot, industrial robot arm, electric cylinders, etc.XYZ rectangular coordinate system is the basic mathematical model of servo motor, stepper motor driven single-axis robot arm as the basic unit of work.With ball screw, timing belt, rack and pinion drive mode is commonly used architecture up the robot system can be completed in the XYZ three-dimensional coordinate system to any point of arrival and follow controllable trajectory.

Cartesian robots using motion control system for its drivers and programming control, line, curve trajectory generated as a multi-point interpolation mode, mode of operation and programming guide teaching programming mode or coordinate positioning.

Cartesian robot Advantages :

1.DOF, every freedom space of movement between each angle is a right angle;
2.Automatic control, reprogrammable, all the sports according to program runs;
3.By the control system, drive systems, mechanical systems, operating tools and other components.
4.Flexible, multi-functional, the different functions due to the operating tool .
5.High reliability, high speed, high precision.
6.It can be used in harsh environments, long-term work, easy operation and maintenance.

Cartesian robot application

Cartesian coordinates machine can be used in construction template, dispensing,drop models, spray coating, stacking, sorting, packaging, welding, metal processing, handling, loading and unloading, assembly, printing, etc. to replace the manual, improve production efficiency, stable product quality, have significant value.

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