Adamite rolls for blooming mills and slabbing mills and large section mills

  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:China

Adamite Rolls are basically alloy steel rolls (a kind of high carbon steel) having hardness ranging from 40 degrees shore c to 55 degrees shore c with carbon percentage ranging from 1.35% to 2%. these rolls are primarily supplied for initial stands, where wear resistance is important along with considerable strength and toughness, adequate heat treatment is very much necessary to achieve requisite wear resistance along with strength and toughness, the roll contains carbides, and therefore the wear resistance is obviously improved comparing with hypo-eutectoid and eutectoid steel, to obtain excellent comprehensive properties modification is conducted with special rare-earth or other powerful agent, then through a multi-stages heat-treatment process, that consists of briquette carbides dispersed in the matrix of palletized pearlites can be gained, which perform well on strength, toughness and hot crack resistance.

Our rolls or rings can be produced on specially customer requested design and dimensions

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