Double-Head CNC Pocket Spring Machine

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Pocket Spring Machine

Main Technical Parmeters
Productivity 85rows/min
Mechanical All mechanical drive
Torsion machine Two-axis numerical control torsion machine head
(Can be equipped with or ordlinary spring head)
Shape of spring Straight spring and drum-type spring
Total Power 30KW
Input voltage 3AC380V
Input Current 75A
Frequency 50/60Hz
Input Cable 50×10mm²
Weight 2600KG
Thickness of non-woven fabric 50-90g/m²
Width of non-woven fabric 300-580mm (Standard spring machinery)
380-720mm (High spring machine)
Diameter of steel wire Ø1.6-Ø2.4mm
Diameter of spring core Ø60-Ø75mm
Spring height 70-200mm (Standard spring machine )
140-280mm (High spring machine)
Size lenght 3.9 m, width 1.75 m, height 1.5

ThisDouble-Head Pocket Spring Machineis with micro-computer. self-developed control system,ultrasonic welding, low noise, no pollotion, the best choice for the production of pocket spring.

1. Microcomputer control is commonly employed and mechanical structure with high precision and no-cylinder devices ensure materials saving, labor saving and energr saving, guaranteeing simple operation and easy learning and understanding.

2. Delivery system control precisely by splitter, position accurately.

3. Spring compression and delivery by Servo control, simple and accurate action.

4. Springs making are all Servo control, convenient adjustment.

5.Automatic counting in system; record daily production output automatically.

6. It produces good shape center-welded pocket springs with small mid-coil diameter.

Service advantages: our company holds regular skill trainnings for the operators from the client companies.

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