Addressable fire alarm manual call point for addressable fire alarm system

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Instruction manual ofC-6004manual call point

1.Built-in product ID code

2. Using hardware and software filtering to improve the anti-interference ability of the manual call point

3.Use dedicated keys to reset after the chip is pushing down

4. The alarm button provides independent output contacts for direct controlling of other external devices

5. The address code is electronic code, which can be rewritten on site

1.Working voltage: addressable 15-28V Impulse voltage

2.Working current:

1)Standby current:≤0.5mA

2)Alarm current:≤2.3mA

3. Output capacity: rated DC30V / 100mA passive output contact signal, contact resistance ≤ 100mΩ

4. Start part type: reusable type

5. Start mode: manually press the chip

6. Reset mode: reset with a dedicated key. After the product alarm, open the alarm button key cover (Figure 1) insert the special key to the right twist 90 degrees, the product can be reset.

7.Indication status: Indication status:

1)fire lights, red, normal patrol when the periodic flashing, after the alarm is always on, the lights off when the failure or irregular flash

2) phone lights, red, about 6s flash once

8.Type: connected with the controller with nonpolarity two bus types, with a fire alarm system with nonpolarity two bus connections

9.Encoding: Electronic code,encoding range(1~242)

10. Operating environment:indoor,Temperature-10℃~50℃,Relative humidity≤95%RH,No condensation

11.Shell material and Color:ABS,red

12.Protection class:IP43

13. Weight: about 95g (with base)

14. Dimensions:90mm×90mm×33mm

15.Mounting hole distance:60mm

16.Executive standard:GB 19880-2005、GB 16806-2006/

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