integral API 5DP Heavy weight drill pipe

  • 257100:1000
  • Minimum order:10
  • Place of Origin:China

HWDP Description The Heavy Weight Drill Pipe is made from one piece of AISI 4145H solid bar, fully heat-treated, all physical properties confirm with API Spec.7 Latest Editions.

API Non-mag Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

The wear-resistance hardbanding is standard on tool joints connections and central upset. Hardbanding is made by an automatic machine after preheating the pipe and is followed by stress relieving.

API 7-1 Standard HWDP

Product Feature Main feature:

A. The drill rods comply with the provisions of API SPEC 5D & API SPEC7. B. The grade of steel are determined according to the requirements of Group 1 & Group 3 of API SPEC 5D. C. Drill pipe joints at the same level comply with the provisions under the Standard API SPEC 7.

Drill Pipe Feature: A. High precision in size and shape B. Good low temperature toughness C. Excellent comprehensive mechanical properties D. High connection strength and sealability E. Large inside diameter of tool joint F. High torque resistance G. High fatigue strength and long fatigue life

Product Specification/Models heavy weight drill pipe Standard:API SPEC.7-1 Material:AISI 4145H AISI 4145H Modified Non-mag Material OD:3 1/2,4\",4 1/2\",5\",5 1/2\" Steel grade: E75,X95,G105,S135 Standard :API 5DP

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