Sweet potato starch machinery equipment

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Sida sweet potato starch machine is a kind of machine which is suitable for processing potato starch in farmers\' family workshop based on the advantages of various starch machines.Sweet potato starch machinery equipment

Sida sweet potato starch equipment process and equipment configuration

Feed hopper cleaning (cleaning machine) grinding (crusher) lifting (screw conveyor) primary filtration (slurry separator) secondary filtration (slurry separator) secondary filtration (slurry separator) stirring and adding acid slurry precipitation treatment dehydration (dehydrator) drying (airflow dryer)

Sweet potato starch processing equipment produced by zhengzhou sida machinery factory: it can complete three processes of coarse grinding, fine pulping and slurry separation at one time. No manual production will lead to poor color and dark phenomenon of starch. The starch residue is filamentous under the microscope, which is conducive to free starch from the fiber and effectively improve the starch yield.

Potato (basically point to potato, sweet potato, cassava, hair taro, banana taro, lotus root, pueraria, yam, lily) starch content is high, yield is high, price is low, resource is rich, easy to store and process.Because of the high value of by-product utilization, potato is a kind of raw material widely used in starch industry.

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