Details of sweet potato starch production equipment

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Details of sweet potato starch production equipment:

One, the basic principle of cleaning the role of cleaning: mainly remove the outer layer of sweet potato with sediment, and wash the root of the sweet potato cuticles.The fresh sweet potato as raw materials for the production of starch ─ or sweet potatoes dry cleaning, is the basis of guarantee the quality of starch, the net clean, starch quality is better.

2. Basic principles of shredding the role of shredding: sweet potato starch is mainly stored in the fleshy part of root tubers, and only a small amount is stored in the endothelium.The purpose of crushing is to destroy the tissue structure of sweet potato, so that the small starch granules can be successfully separated from the root tuber.The starch released from the cell is called free starch.The residue in the cells inside the dregs is called binding starch.

Grinding is one of the most important processes in the processing of fresh potato, which is related to the yield of fresh potato and the quality of starch. The requirements for grinding are as follows:

The basic principle of screening sweet potato dregs is slender fiber, the volume is larger than starch granule, peng swelling coefficient is also larger than starch granule, specific gravity is lighter than starch granule.

The proportion of mud and sand is greater than that of water and the proportion of starch granules. According to the principle of specific gravity separation, the use of swirling sand removal, or the use of flow tank sedimentation method, can achieve more ideal results.The specific gravity of yellow pulp is close to water and lighter than the specific gravity of starch granules. Its shape is palm shape. The longer the processing cycle, the greater the adhesive performance.

Basic principles of dehydration concentrated starch pulp still contains more water, further dehydration before drying.

At present, the general use of air drying in the starch plant (also known as flash drying) the whole process time is completed in a flash, so the water inside the starch granule has not enough time to gelatinize has been dried, gelatinization or degradation phenomenon will not occur.Airflow drying is a concurrent process, that is, the concurrent process of wet powder material and hot gas flow, which is composed of two processes of heat transfer and mass transfer.When the wet starch is in contact with the hot air, the hot air will transfer the heat energy to the surface of the wet starch, and then from the surface to the internal, this process is the heat transfer process;At the same time, the moisture in the wet starch diffuses from the material to the surface of the starch in the form of liquid or gas, and then diffuses from the surface of the starch to the hot air through the gas film, which is a process of mass transfer.It is to balance heat exchange between high-temperature airflow and wet starch in the drying tube, so that the dry starch is in powder form and can be packed into the storage after cooling.

Process flow of sweet potato starch production equipment

Raw sweet potato -- - hydraulic transportation - - washing and stone -- - drum cleaning -- - > broken -- - separation -- - > desanding -- - concentrated juice hydrocyclone separation - off - refined purification -- - > vacuum dehydration -- - drying - - packaged products

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Sweet potato starch production equipment

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