Stock Allocation System

  • FOB Price : USD $25,500.00 / Piece
  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:China
The company has a group of technicians specializing in website construction and website optimization. With unique market vision and innovative enterprise spirit, the company has become an indispensable member of the information construction of small and medium-sized enterprises in China. Its organizational structure is clear and its division of labor is reasonable. It consists of development department, testing department and customers. Department, Marketing Department and other departments.
The allocation system is composed of two modules: management background and trading system.
Trading end perfectly supports Shanghai and Shenzhen A-share, GEM, SMEs real-time quotations and timesharing maps, K-line, support fast trading, support withdrawal of orders, transaction query, support password modification, APP trading end, PC trading end, WEB trading end, as well as through the trading end to the management of backstage applications for funds and other functions;
The management background includes account management, system management, report management, audit and so on. As well as real-time monitoring and management of users, support global setting of transaction parameters and setting of wind control. Asset management system has the advantages of easy operation, reliability and stability.

Front end:
A-share query, A-share point purchase, simulation contest, ranking list, new finger guide, user center, real-name authentication, double password setting, bank card binding, entry and exit funds.

Global settings (wind control line, amount of money, number of hands, etc.), news announcement, warning line, real-time monitoring, access control, multi-level agent, authority allocation, short message settings, data backup and other core functions.

1. Real-offer docking: support the whole network of Securities Dealers
2. Millisecond quotation: quotation and trading, millisecond response, no delay
3. Wind Control Reminder: Warning Line, Qiangping Line, Short Message Reminder
4. Privilege settings: powerful role management, privilege allocation, free to set different roles and functions.
5. Agent Settings: Multi-level agent, applicable to any investment proposal.
6. Whether you are doing foreign exchange, foreign exchange, or new retail business, there is no conflict, but also play a complementary role.

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