HSK63 Tightening Fixture BT40 Toolholder Locking Device for CNC Machine

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HSK63 ISO40 BT40 Non-keyway Toolholder Clamping Stand for Tool Tightening

This tool tightening stand is specifically designed for the HSK-63F, HSK-63E HSK-63A toolholders and for ISO40, BT40 tool holders. Roller-bearing design for non-keyway toolholder tightening and loosening. Heavy duty steel fixture for tool change out of your toolholders.

Toolholder Locking Device Features:
Toolholder clamping fixtures use roller bearing locking technology to provide a safe, secure and tight grip on the holder without fear of slipping. The roller bearings act as a cam lock and tighten as the holder is rotated in either direction. These vises are ideal for tightening or loosening various tooling, including nuts, pull studs and arbors.

HSK 63 Tool Holder Clamping Stand Parameters:
1, Tool holder to be locked on the flange diameter 63mm (HSK63, BT40, ISO40)
2, Roller-bearing design
3, Fastest tool change
4, Mounts directly to table top

Also we can supply youISO30 toolholder tightening fixtures



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