CH4 and H2S Gas Detector

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  • Place of Origin:China (mainland)

Model: CJL100/1000

Description: CJL100/1000CH4and H2SGas Detector

MA: MFA150187

KA: KFA150019

ExibI: 320150857

Patent No. ZL 2015 2 0975096.3


1. Detect the gas concentrationof CH4, H2S. It will cause alarm whenconcentration is over standard.

2. Alarm is luminescence and voice.

Technology parameters:

1. CH4(%LEL)

Measuring range Intrinsic error
0~20 ±2
20~60 Truth value±10%
60~100 ±6

2. H2S (ppm)

Measuring range Intrinsic error
0~49 ± 3
50~100 Truth value±10%
>100~1000 Truth value±15%

3. Response time: T≤30s

4. Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery.

5. Working time: T≥12 hours

6. Recharge time: T≤ 4hours

7. Data record: data storage, 3000 sets data.

8. Levels of protection: IP65

9. Alarm type: noise, LED light, vibration.

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