Public Transportation Turnstile Solution

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Generally speaking, traveling by the rail transit system is one of the most efficient ways to get around, especially in regions with high population density. This way, pedestrian turnstiles are needed to improve the passenger experience.

ZOJE Intelligent offers a wide variety of pedestrian turnstiles for train stations with specific requirements as customization is what we are good at.You can look aturnstile train

Benefits of Using Train Turnstile

1. Control the flow of people during rush hours to prevent crowding or trampling.

2. Unregistered passengers will be kept from entering the restricted areas.

3. Turnstile gates will be more efficient than manual checking. Also, it\'ll be more reliable.

4. Public transportation stations are usually in service for 24/7. With train turnstile gates installed, a lot of labor costs would be saved as fewer ticket inspectors are needed.

All Problems Solved

The railway, bus or metro stationturnstile

For passengers with large luggage, baby carriages, wheelchair, etc, subway turnstile and ticket turnstile with customized wider lanes could be provided.

Features of ZOJE turnstile gates

1. Compatible with paper ticket, QR code, RFID card, face recognition and so on.

2. High-quality and stable brushless or servo motor for high frequent and long-term use.

3. PWD(Persons with Disability) lanes are available for the benefits and privileges of people with disabilities.

4. More pairs of infrared sensors are as optional choice for the sake of children and seniors\' safety in case of any pinching injuries.

5. It will put an end to any kind of sneaking without tickets. One person, one ticket, with tailing alarm.

ZOJE provides tailor-madeturnstile security systems swing gates

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