Digital Fruit Sclerometer

  • Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
  • Minimum order:1
  • FOB Price : USD $350.00 / Piece
Brief Description
1. Can store 896 peaks of data .The LED show the peaks of data, and get rid of the data. 2. Can output data; analyze the data by connected with computer. 3. With digital peak value holding function, hold the peak value for 2 seconds and the peak value will be automatically cancelled. 4. Green environmental‐protective: If you do not operate the machine after 10 seconds, the machine will be shut down automatically.

Technical parameters
0.2 ‐ 15 Kg/cm2 (×105 Pa )
0.4 ‐ 30 Kg/cm2 (×105 Pa )
Division value
0.01 Kg/cm2
0.01 Kg/cm2
Pressure head diameter
1# φ11.1mm
2# φ7.9mm
Display mode
Net weight
About 0.6KG
Insertion depth of pressure head

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