PVC 1M SW-35 triangle cover trunking for home office cable raceway hider

  • Place of Origin:China
  • FOB Price : USD $1.70 / Piece
  • Minimum order:10
Place of Origin:Foshan-China
Brand Name:YouZhiJiaMei
Model Number:SW-35
Material:PVC-polyvinyl chloride
Thickness of the cover:1.5mm
Product model: one meter, two meters in total two kinds of length
Applicable accessories:Yin Angle,Yang Angle,three-way,plug,triangle to semicircleandtriangle to squaresix kinds of accessories, various colors, respectively, there are white, gray, light wood color, teak color, mahogany color, spade color, walnut color, optional collocation.
Function and role: prevent open wire dust accumulation, prevent insects bite the wire, at the same time with insulation, protection, flame retardant self-extinguishing and other characteristics, play a role in mechanical protection and electrical protection of the line, thisPVC triangletrunkingthickened, large capacity, accurate storage of wire, so as to be more concise and elegant. Open and close design, for your installation to bring more convenient, from the replacement of the line need not worry.
Usage: if it is installed on the ground, one side of thePVC floortrunkingcomes with ground adhesive, and the side with adhesive is attached to the ground and Press a little hard. When the wall needs to be installed, the ground adhesive provides a preliminary fixing effect. The adhesive is attached to the wall and pushed down to the corner. The wall needs to be reinforced with nail free adhesive or nailing.
Scope of application: monitoring corner wiring, ceiling corner, floor corner, bedroom corner, floor corner wiring, etc.
Note: the use of accessories will reduce the capacity of the loading line, nail-free adhesive need to buy separately

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