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good signs, at room temperature 20 ℃ -30 ℃ cured 10-24 hours harden, becoming left the surface of the crystal plate.
8, in case of stickers, trademarks, etc., in itself is very thin, and the boundary is not obvious, when pouring, likely to cause Shuijingjiao spill to reach 2mm thickness will be difficult, so make Shuijingjiao grasp different situations, control viscosity, In the application process, you can put 1-2 hours in order to increase the viscosity, adapt thin Shuijingjiao casting.
9, making more than 2mm thick crystal glue signs, can be divided into secondary Epoxy, after the first dispensing, curing for 3-5 hours, then dropping layer.
10, Epoxy after cleaning, regardless of manual dispensing, or automated dispensing, after the completion of the machinery, equipment, containers are required to clean, because the Shuijingjiao hardened, insoluble in any solvent, therefore it must not harden before the machine , the containers are required to clean (Recommendation: Use acetone or ethanol)

Aluminum signs, classification and production

?In the classification of signs, aluminum signs (the aluminum plate) occupies a part of, and aluminum have their own brand in their own classification, in simple terms, is divided into three types: black silver word, silver face black, silver at the end Silver word. As for the other colors of signs, nameplates do not belong to Al licensing category.
???????Al licensing production and other production processes signs have in common, there are differences between the law, we look at the following specific description:
First, the bottom of the color production methods. ⑴ oxide (such as gold at the end, silver bottom, red, black, etc.) ⑵ painting: bottom spray according to customer requirements in different colors of paint (commonly used colors, jet black, blue, red, orange, gray, silver , green, etc.) ⑶ painting: painting must have edges blocked at the paint will not flow, it is required to have a border, or painting is that depressed. (Color according to customer requirements modulation different colors of paint)
Second, font color processing method: ⑴ screen: After the product font high light, to make the projections different font colors, screen printing methods may be used to achieve the font on the same plane can screen a variety of colors, you must complete each screen After a post-color printing and then oven dried before other colors. ⑵ Plating: Signs font high light after plating according to customer requirements in different colors (such as: black, gold, red, chrome) ⑶ painting (with the bottom of the painting method as mentioned above).
Third, font handling methods: ⑴ highlights: Also known as diamond plate surface paint knife to carve out (also known as batch flower, texture normal slope of 45 degrees, can do different lines according to customer requirements, usually along twill, Anti twill, arc lines, ruled, CD pattern, Sun Wen) ⑵ pull profiling: using pull profiling machine will pull out the label surface paint, texture can choose different mesh belt according to customer requirements. ⑶ sandblasting: There are a lot of professional audio products requires font sandblasting, this process more complex than the above two, the first after the entire label sandblasting, sandblasting oxidation treatment must, because some customers have requested the bottom color (such as black, blue) then you must sign into customers and then spray the entire desired color, after finished spraying dried, and then chemical solution wipe the surface of the paint font. ⑷ bronzing: first of all to Font surface polished to a smooth surface, then bronzing process. (This process is costly, rarely used).
Fourth, the installation: ⑴ signs with legs: The mold according to customer requirements foot long, foot diameter, center distance making, die-casting good signs, the signs will in itself comes with spikes, normal feet long 2-8mm, some big can also be done 2-13mm, such signs are mounted with a foot in many ways. A, the foot bends, fixed at the back panel. B, in the feet face collar .C, some big foot requirement itself is very thick, you can tap on the foot, directly on the screws and tapping. ⑵ no feet affixed adhesive label: can be attached to a different adhesive according to customer requirements, a common glue, 3M glue, Desha rubber, sponge rubber. Most customers are 3M adhesive commonly used. This type of installation is simple, after removing the release paper affixed directly to the family to stay, and some such as sound cough net. If the network is too large it does not fit with gum paste, because by the surface adhesive glue small, it's easy to take off. ⑶ with legs affixed adhesive: This type of design is the most customers: foot is used to fix the plate does not move, glue is fixed signs will not fall off, is also a function that is double insurance. ⑷ bottom plate punching: This is mainly through the nail plate fixed on the product, the more commonly used such furniture industry, other industries are rarely used, because some customers products are not nailed on the nail. (Such as iron, aluminum panel) ⑸ feet do not stick without glue: After the customer to get back, when you install itself as glue.

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