Reversible Disc Plough

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  • Place of Origin:China

Introduction onReversible Disc Plough
With farmers paying more and more attention to cultivation cost, Amisy develops a series of reversal plough to meet this demand. It is mainly used for tillage on dry cultivated or fallow land,especially terraced fields and small piece of farming land.
The reversible plough can be mounted to 15-120 HP tractors with 2 ways, that is, reverse-mechanical way (J), and hydraulic way(Y). Hydraulic reversible plough can be adjusted for the different width and different tractors. Its system is automatic and its operation is smooth without any troubles. The working speed is 8-10 kilometers per hour.

Features of ReversibleDisc Plough
1.It has strong adaptability to complex farmland situations like full of weed, stubble, little stone,etc., therefore it is a best choice for incorporating stover or green manure into soil.
2.It is no blocking, hilling and tangling,thus ensuring the reversible disc plow’s high efficiency.
3.It is also easy to make adjustment and operate, which saves a lot of troubles for farmers.
4.Amisy reversible disc plough adopts the most durable material,guaranteeing its longer life than common kinds.

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