High Frequency Spindle Air Cooled GDF46-18Z/3.5 GDF60-18Z/4.5 GDF60-18Z/6.0

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High Frequency SpindleAir Cooled GDF46-18Z/3.5 GDF60-18Z/4.5 GDF60-18Z/6.0


High frequency spindle air cooled is widely used on basiccnc routerandnesting cnc routermachines. Air cooled means the spindle motor is cooled by air via an electric fan which is mounted on top end of the spindle.

High Frequency Spindle Brand (air cooled) We Supply:

Changsheng(CS), HQD and all the other Chinese brands.

High frequency Spindle Air Cooled Models We Supply:

GDF46-18Z/1.5, GDF46-18Z/2.2, GDF46-18Z/3.5, GDF60-18Z/4.5, GDF60-18Z/6.0, GDF60-18Z/7.5, GDF87-18Z/13.5

GDZ105x102-3.5, GDZ120x103-4.5, GDZ120x103-6, GDZ120x103-7.5, GDZ93x82-3.5, GDZ93x85-2.2, GDZ93x85-1.5

Available Power of High Frequency Spindle Air Cooled:

1.5kw, 2.2kw, 3.0kw, 4.5kw, 6.0kw, 7kw, 13.5kw

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