Small Chaff Cutter

  • FOB Price : USD $800.00 / Piece
  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:china
The small household mower is made of thick steel plate and 65 manganese steel knife, which replaces the metal/steel knife used by other manufacturers. It is more durable and sharper than the machine! The machine is equipped with long, empty and short three gears, which can be adjusted. Length of grass

Small household mowers, lawn mowers, and grass cutters are used for chopping all kinds of green grass, hay, grain grass, straw, wild grass, wheat straw, corn stover, etc., which are widely used in economical weeds. The equipment has the advantages of small size, light weight, simple installation, operation, easy maintenance and high production efficiency. Production for feeding cattle, horses, sheep, pigs and other livestock forage and manure, straw returning. Main use: Feed the grass into a small section of 1 to 2 cm to feed cattle, sheep, geese, fish or make green storage. Can process a variety of forage and straw, wet and dry.

The small household mower is mainly composed of a body, a grass roller, a knife holder assembly, a blade, a feeding device, a frame and the like.

This weeding and smashing machine mainly has a frame part, a roller part, a grass feeding part and an overload protection device, and has a simple structure.

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