CNC coil winding machine

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HAO-300 special rectangular CNC coil winding machine is the new generation of CNC winding equipment independently by our company for many is the patented product and the original at domestic. It mainly solves the problem of large manual winding labor intensity, low working efficiency and incorrect turns of enclosed voltage transformer.

Technical Parameters:

Item Technical Parameters
Model HAO-300
Diameter range of windable electromagnetic wire Φ0.5-2.6mm
Length of winded coils 300mm
Width of winded coils 200mm
Height of winded coils 80mm
Max winding rotation speed 100rpm
Machine tool power 1.5KW
Max outline size of machine tool 700*1000*1300mm


1. CNC coil winding machine PLC system, it has the functions of automatic computation of wire length, automatic wire storage,automatic counting,automatic stop, stop memory and so on.

2. The iron core can rotate along 360 degrees, the wire may be winded around the chamfer and round corner of the core.

3. CNC coil winding machineIt greatly improves the product performance and production efficiency.

4. It is the revolutionary breakthrough of square transformer coil winding.

Steps of Quality Control:

1. Strictly control the purchase standard of raw materials.

2. With high precision equipments and rich experience workers to process components, make each process up to standard.

3. Assembly process, recheck the quality of the components, the machine appearance etc.

4. Before shipment, test all operating procedures by winding the core to ensure the machine work normally.

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