Voltage transformer winding machine

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HAO-240 voltage transformer winding machine for voltage transformer is a high-precision device independently researched and developed by our company according to the technology requirements of domestic voltage transformer industry. Voltage transformer winding machine uses a powerful 32-bit control chip, computing speed, reliability,professional production of large diameter wire products, large torque, cable effect is good. And multi-functional microcomputer design, easy to set up data, shut down to save data, and a power-down protection.


1. New appearance, reasonable structure, voltage transformer winding machine the use of high-quality steel processing, body weight, good stability.

2. Voltage transformer winding machine adopts CNC digital brushless control system, simple operation, less maintenance, low failure.

3. Using frequency conversion drive mode, low noise, with constant-current chopper drive line, follow the fast and sophisticated, accessories with brand products, high performance, long life cycle, to adapt to a variety of work environment.

4. Voltage transformer winding machine can be pumped storage stage 1000 steps, can set the number of turns, width, diameter, direction, speed and other parameters, with accurate counting, power failure memory, overload protection, anti-interference and other functions.

Our company:

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2. Professional rich experience engineers and research team, we offer free APG technique training.Our engineers have 23 years experience who serviced many years in ABB, We 100% promise to teach APG technique to you even you are newcomer.

3. Have a line and lab special for producing CT and PT.we can winding samples and test in our lab.

Main Technical Parameters:

Product Name Transformer coil winding machine
Model HAO-240 HAO-360 HAO-450
Nominal Diameter of enameled wire Φ0.1-1.5mm Φ0.1-1.5mm Φ0.1-1.5mm
Max rotation diameter of coils Φ 240mm Φ 360mm Φ 450mm
Min rotation diameter of coils Φ 50mm Φ 50mm Φ 50mm
Max winding breadth 210mm 350mm 400mm
Winding rotation speed range 1390rpm 1390rpm 1390rpm

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