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we manufacture dad hat, mens winter hats, embroidered hats, fitted hats, ladies hats, flexfit hats, military hat, sun hat, visor hats, golf hats, baseball hats, mesh hats, snapback, strapback, bucket hats, trucker hats etc. custom hat manufacturers
There are many kinds of hats, such as wool caps, baseball caps, knitting caps, and so on. Compared to the past, the hats on the market today are of different styles, full of patterns, and more attractive to customers. Speaking of these beautiful hats, I have to say that the hat production process. The beauty of the hat is directly related to its exquisite production process.
In the past, people made hats very simple, relying on a pair of hands. If they were clever, they could also make good hats, but the speed was much slower and the style was relatively simple. Later, people had sewing machines that could be used to speed up, but sewing machines could not achieve the desire to embroidery on hats. With the Advancement of science and technology, the production equipment of hats has increased, and the production process has become more and more. The hats produced are not only beautiful in style, but also in one shape and several times faster than before. Now let\'s talk about the hat Jacquard process -- one of the hat production techniques.


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