Heterogeneous Separation Experiment Apparatus

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ZM2146 Heterogeneous Separation Experiment Apparatus

I.Technical parameters
1. Fan blast capacity: 2800rpm, blast capacity 450 m3/h wind pressure 120mmH2O,efficiency 66%, axis rate0.75kw.

2. Particle silica gel: 60-80μm.

3. Dedusting efficiency: η20≥98%.

4. Separate ability: ≥8L/H.

5. Whirlwind separator, dust-settling compartment, feeder: is made of transparent organic glass.

6. Receiving flask is made of transparent organic glass.

7. Structure is stainless steel, structure is compact, flow is easy.

8. Dimension: 1000×500×1600mm.

I.Experiment purpose
1. Observe airflow which contains dust function condition under the power of whirlwind separator.

2.Understand heterogeneous separation experiment principle.

3.To understand gas and solid separation rate efficiency to different particle size test

4.Test heterogeneous separation experiment data.

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