garage door opener

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Automatic garage door operator seriers:
We have many seriers of Automatic garage door operator such as FB120 ,FB200,FBC120,FBC200
Main features of garage door operator
With digital, humanized and intelligentized design, the top-of-the-line operator contains an intelligent microprocessor control.
Its modern and futurist look features soft and smooth lines. Every detail and shape has been carefully and passionately designed.
Soft start and soft stop.Self-locking in closed position.
The control unit regulates all the necessary functions such as automatic memory, automatic lighting control, automatic close, automatic reverse and photocell protection etc., extremely quiet and smooth operation.
Manual release device in case of power failure.Electric limit switch remembers door position.
Hopping code remote control with max. 25 pcs transmitters.
Easy to set limit position.Auto-reverse in closing& Auto-stop in opening in the event of obstruction.
Automatically close the door after 1-9 minutes (adjustable).Courtesy light will turns on in using and turns off after 3 minutes.
RF hopping code technology prevents your remote code being accessible to others, one remote transmitter can separately control max. 3 garage doors.
Wiring terminals for button switch, infrared photocell, DC24V power output.

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